In many countries peat has traditionally been used for cooking and domestic heating for centuries. Peat has low atmospheric emissions and is also clean and easy to handle. It releases as much heat per kg as wood but takes up much less room than a woodpile. Why not enjoy burning real Scottish peat in your home today?

Clean and pleasant

The peat is supplied in clean 20kg bags that can be stored in the house. No messy coal dust or bulky netting associated with logs! It also gives off a pleasant aroma craeting a cosy, welcoming atmosphere in your home.


Great heat output

Peat gives off as much as 80% of the heat of coal per kg burned. It can be compared to hardwood with respect to heat output per kilogram but takes up a lot less room. We burn the peat at home and find that a pallet of 30 bags will lastup to 8 weeks based on half a bag a day being burned during the evening on one fire.


Delivered to your door!

The peat is available in a variety of outlets. But why not save some money by buying our peat per pallet. Order a pallet today and it will arrive within 2 - 3 days. No running back and forth to the local garage, no risk of forgetting!



As natural as it gets....

A bit of science:

The 'calorific value' of a fuel is the quantity of heat produced when it is burning. This may also be measured using a British Thermal Unit (Btu) which is the equivalent of 252 heat 'calories' - not to be confused with the kilo-calories of food. The chart below shows the heat calories used when burning fuel to heat one pound of water from 0°C to 1°C.


The material

Wet, acidic and cool conditions favour the growth of mosses, grasses and small shrubs but inhibit the microbial activity that usually breaks down the plant material. As they die they are laid down and accumulate year on year rather than rotting away. Such conditions are found more frequently in the northern hemisphere where the vast majority of the worlds 400 million hectares of peat lands are to be found.

The production of peat is a simple and traditional process and our suppliers have been producing the best quality fuel peat for over 100 years. Our supplierss are Scotland's largest fuel peat producer, proud of a long history and boasting one of the most experienced workforces in the field. The company maintains the strictest standards of land preparation and quality control during the production process to ensure that our customers receive only the finest quality of fuel peat.


We sell peat on pallets of 35 x 20kg bags. These are delivered directly to your door.

What we sell:

Môn Mawn Cymru supplies peat to a variety of retail outlets a list of which will appear here soon.

We supply peat to a variety of outlets within the counties of Gwynedd, Anglesey and Conwy and the list is growing. If you live outside this area please still get in touch since we still maybe able to help you by putting you in touch with a local supplier near you.

Get in touch

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We welcome trade enquiries and can supply pallets of 35 bags or a lorry load of 1,200 bags..

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